Boutique Homes Senior Designer, Robert Nguyen, first began his passion for residential design when he was studying architecture at the University of Melbourne.

During the course, he noticed a lack of interest by the architectural community towards the new home industry.

The architecture that inspired him —Frank Lloyd Wright’s materiality and form, Mies van der Rohe’s refined details and many current architects’ control of proportions —seemed to be offered only as, what he describes, ‘a luxury service’ accessible to very few.

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In comparison with traditional and luxurious service one-off architecture, the new-home market on the other hand is viewed as quite separate, being available to many, but rarely receiving the attention to quality and detail – traits which had drawn Rob to architecture to begin with.

‘It was an opportunity making architecture accessible to a much wider audience,’ Rob explains.

After graduating and working at architectural practices, Rob moved into the new home market, spending several years in design roles, before finding his current position at Boutique, where he has headed the designs for the last five years.

‘We’re building houses that the industry hasn't seen before, challenging the status quo and re-shaping the image of new homes in Melbourne and Geelong,’ he says. ‘That’s an exciting thing.’

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His design process begins with a concept drawing. It’s a rough sketch that puts inspiration to paper— grouping areas in a floor plan that integrate functionality, light and volume, or arranging elements on a facade with careful consideration for proportions and materiality.

Rob’s Escala façade in 2012 continues to be a favourite amongst Boutique customers.

Robert drew inspiration for this façade from 20th century Modern architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House.

                                Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House, Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water House

‘Those who appreciate modern architecture and those looking for a contemporary look which  provides striking street presence that stands out from the crowd should consider selecting this façade’ he said.

‘The proportions, the tall feature blade pier, cantilevering landscape porch element and heavy mass render block make this façade Modern, high-end contemporary - a current-day interpretation of the Modern architecture movement of the 1900s.

Through it all, Rob retains a passion for bringing high quality architectural design to the new home market.


To see the Escala façade in person visit:

The Barcelona 32 in Gen Fyansford or the Oslo 29 in Tarneit

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