Once you’ve found your perfect home design, the next step is finding the best place to build it. We sat down with our General Manager of Development, Oscar Stanley, for his top tips.

The estate

Each estate is different, so make sure to do your research to see what is on offer and what estate will suit your lifestyle. Some estates offer amazing freeway access, others have schools and retail facilities while others are surrounded by beautiful wetlands and expansive parks.

We're lucky to work with some of Australia’s best land developers who are committed to not just constructing an estate, but invest heavily in creating places that have a community feel.

The lot

Whether you have a specific home design in mind already, or are just starting off with finding land, orientation is very important. Consider how natural light will enter your house design. You will most likely want to maximise natural light in your living spaces and outdoor area.

If you have a specific home design in mind, make sure you know the minimum width and depth required for your design as this will dictate what lots will be suitable for you. Engineering plans, plan of subdivision and design guidelines should be thoroughly reviewed as these documents outline key features such as easements, driveway location, and gradient and fill areas. All these things may impact home design choice and build cost.

The developer

Always be mindful that due to the current market climate, you may be purchasing land off the plan that is yet to be constructed, so called ‘untitled’. Key amenities such as schools and shops within an estate may not yet be established when the land is purchased and may not be constructed by the time you move into your new home. There are a variety of developers operating in the market and the timing of amenity delivery can be a challenge to ascertain. It is important to understand the planned delivery timing of these amenities so that you have a clear timeline of what will be available to your family once you are living in the estate.

Top tip!

Assess the delivery of key amenities by driving through a recently completed project of the developer you are considering. Projects are usually found on developer websites to use as a reference.

What is titled land?

Land developers have the task of turning paddocks into fully serviced new blocks of land ready for build. Untitled blocks of land are purchased off the plan, with the developer then needing time to develop the land by installing services such as water, power and sewerage, and creating roads and footpaths. Once these amenities have been constructed, your land is officially registered, becomes titled with ownership transferred to you and your build journey can commence.


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