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Classic, quaint and picturesque, our newest double storey façade is a unique addition to our range with traditional appeal. 

Combining board and batten gables, the Greyson façade is an ode to country living by drawing inspiration from classical barn style house of European origin, subsequently brought over to Colonial America by early settlers who built new houses from timber, and developing its own style later.

The façade is contrasted with the traditional weatherboard or shingle cladding styles of purer Hamptons style that is home to east coast of the United States.

Senior Designer Rob Nguyen said the Greyson steers away from this classic Hamptons look and more towards modern Hamptons or inland country landscapes.

‘You could say the Greyson façade has less of a coastal feel and perhaps a more country and suburban look to it.’

‘With proportions inclusive of the high roof pitch, steep gables and front veranda, combined with the board and batten cladding, the facade embodies classic, quaint and picturesque charm, whilst having a lot of street presence’ he said.

The façade’s features include painted fibre cement boards with timber battens over the joins to create the classic board and batten style.

‘The ground floor is rendered brickwork to provide a second material and a solid base. Timber posts and beams, plus a battened entry and garage doors complete the look’ Rob said.

While the style is more traditional, the Greyson façade has two different materials, good articulation and mouldings, making it widely accepted by most developers.

The Greyson façade appeals to those who appreciate more traditional architecture, and are looking for a façade with character and charm that still has a contemporary feel.

Available on our all doubles excluding the Fairhaven and Montpellier 44.


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