The Grange 41 at Marriott Waters Estate in Lyndhurst radiates a classical interior aesthetic, primed for the mature palette.

A backdrop of whites and natural light in open plan living is complemented with visual zoning and warmth by the use of feature colours.

A wash of emerald, matte black and tan leathers adorn the home, integrating texture that provides dimension and appeal, while the bold classical colour of emerald brings classical luxury into the home.

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When designing the home, Senior Interior Designer Mitra Whittle said she didn’t want the home to be monochrome.

‘I wanted more of a classic feel, so with that I landed on green and I chose emerald green, which is a very classical colour.’

Feature colours are balanced with home accessories splashed throughout the zones, most prominently; emerald appears in textiles, ottomans and cushions.

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‘But not too much emerald’ Mitra said. ‘I wanted it subtle’.

Mitra also employed the use of bronze tones, made warmer with the use of tan leather accents to break up some of the black, while a touch of glamour and metallic finish provides sophistication.

‘I really like the use of tan leather furniture which gives a vintage, up market finish.’

I wanted continuity between upstairs and downstairs. And Hence, I looked for the right textures and statements to bring luxury into the house.

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Artwork makes a statement on both floors of the home, with Mitra not only keeping true to the colour schemes, but augmenting them.

‘I hand selected wallpaper to match the emerald and bronze tones and bound cut-out pieces to create custom artwork, manipulating colours to bring out bronze tones’ she said.

                              Boutique Homes, Boutique Homes Victoria, bronze artwork, Grange 41, Mariott Waters Estate, Lyndhurst

Leading to Mitra creating a prominent and unique aesthetic, balanced out in subtle ways to create a calm sensory environment that all can enjoy.


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