Boutique customers Andrew and Katrina wanted to live in the Newport/ Williamstown area with daughters Eliza, 5, and Clara, 3, but kept missing out at auction. So they got creative.

“We decided to look at a house that wasn’t great so was cheaper than others we had been bidding on,” Andrew says. After working with Boutique to choose a design that fitted into the narrow but well-located lot, Andrew and Katrina won the auction, and then used Boutique’s Knockdown Rebuild service to create their perfect bayside home.


“We had plenty of communication with our New Homes Consultant in the week leading up to the auction to confirm that the design could be built on the land”. While they’d liked several of Boutique’s “balanced, contemporary” designs, they finally chose the Airlie 33, with a Hampton’s façade – “a no-brainer for the Newport area.”


They filled it with deluxe options – “what didn’t we upgrade?” – from extra ceiling height to solid wood doors and double-glazed windows. They added air-conditioning, bedroom ceiling fans, an extra downstairs guest suite and a butler’s pantry. Katrina and Andrew also enlisted the help of an interior designer to help create “understated luxury, but with a warm and welcoming feel.” The interior designer “was really helpful in laying the foundations for good decisions,” Andrew says, “which made it significantly less stressful to know that someone else was looking out for us.”


Andrew’s favourite spot in the new home? “Gotta be right in front of the fire in the living room. It could also be standing in front of the four-metre-long, double-glazed kitchen splashback.” His advice on the knockdown-rebuild process? “Never stop asking questions!” particularly if you’ve never built and “even more so if you have to knockdown a house before you build a new one”. 


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