If you’re preparing to build your dream home, chances are you've spent hours– if not days – studying elements of exterior and interior design.

When you’re building from scratch, begin with a clear vision of how you want your home to represent your personality and style, from exterior details, to paint colours in your bathroom and the stairs you will choose.

Finding the right staircase design and choosing the perfect combination of materials for your home is a process that takes time – we want to make sure that you choose ‘The One’.

For almost a century, S&A Stairs have been handcrafting innovative and progressive staircases, built to last for a lifetime. S&A designs are synonymous with consistency and quality, as well as style.

An S&A staircase is crafted with the intention to tie the interiors and structural elements of your home together, which is why they’re our go-to choice for quality staircases, with considered features that mirror your design.

Boutique Homes Senior Designer, Rob Nguyen considers staircase design and structure.

'Taking inspiration from S&A’s brochure and online gallery, we design staircases by carefully selecting each element to make sure that it complements the style of home' he says.

'The staircase is often a very central element of the home and can help to set the overall tone and style of the interiors' Rob said.

'Traditional staircases, for instance, can bring in some really nice detailing and create a warm and homely feel. While a contemporary, open tread staircase can let in abundant natural light through the home'.

Becoming the showpiece feature of the whole house, when you have an S&A staircase installed into your home, you’re investing in a piece that defines your style and transforms the surrounding space.

A handcrafted staircase stands apart from the rest, meaning if you should choose to sell, you have a stand-out feature separating you from traditional staircases and adds value to your property.

Taking the time to choose a considered staircase for 'The One' means you’ve invested in a timeless piece that will continue to reflect your personality while staying in-theme of your home's style and character.


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Have you found 'The One'?