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Showcasing elements of marble, black glass, velvets and gold accents, our new display home in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Kalkallo is the height of sophistication.

The very first time the  Ascot 36 has been displayed,  the interior selections were carefully selected to compliment the regal home design and formal floor plan, inciting luxe living.

Paired with the grandiose Manor façade in classical, subdued hues, Senior Interior designer Mitra Whittle knew that this home was designed for luxe-sophistication right from its inception.

‘I worked a close collaboration with the Designer Rob’ Mitra said.

‘At the very beginning we both had this idea of creating a very classical home; we wanted something upmarket and sophisticated at its essence.’  

Designed with sophistication in mind, the Ascot required a classic internal design selection and Mitra wanted to convey that by selecting a classical era to pair with.

                            Boutique Homes, Kalkallo, Cloverton Estate, Hollywood luxe

‘It’s a very showy house, so we decide upon the classical Hollywood style of the golden era and this is reflected in the home, from the artwork right through to the internal finishings and colour palette’ she said.

Mitra found that the glitzy interiors of the golden age complimented the home perfectly and so she introduced that look by integrating showy and luxurious elements.

                            Boutique Homes, Kalkallo, Cloverton Estate, Hollywood luxe

‘Because it is a big home, it could take the bulk of interior design and bigger pieces of furniture, which adds to the formality and luxe nature of the home.’

‘We also made it more upmarket by introducing wall paper and giving it that classical look by installing very impressive pendant lights and the presence of gold. Velvet is heavily showcased and so it the Chesterfield lounge style with studded the button look, all adding to the formality’ Mitra said.

                            Boutique Homes, Kalkallo, Cloverton Estate, Hollywood luxe

The home’s sophistication is further supported by the introduction of a formal dining room - the first of its kind in a Boutique display home - converted originally from a home theatre room.

‘The decision to implement a formal dining room came about because the home had 4 living areas, whereas a dining area didn’t have its own identifiable space, and a house of that magnitude and formality needed a dedicated dining area’ Mitra said.  

The formal dining area was chosen because of its proximity to the kitchen, being quite easy for catering and serving.

                            Boutique Homes, Kalkallo, Cloverton Estate, Hollywood luxe

‘This makes for a very plush and luxe home where you can really cater for your guests and family, and the home is large enough and perfect for that function’ she said.

Further adding to the home’s entertaining proportions is a formal lounge just off the entrance hallway.

‘This is one of my favourite rooms!’ Mitra said.

‘It’s got the fireplace so it’s very inviting, again quite sophisticated but at the same time it’s not uninviting – you still feel like sitting down in there.’ 

‘It’s not that feel that exudes I’m beautiful, but don’t touch me’, it’s luxurious while being inviting; you want to spend time there.’  


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