Barcelona 32, Elements estate, Truganina, Modern Country

The new Barcelona 32 at Elements Estate in Truganina features a Cape facade in contemporary neutrals, matched with a unique modern country interior style that is a nod to its surrounds.

Although there are country elements to the home, Senior Interior Designer, Mitra wanted a contemporary and sophisticated approach to the tradition, while keeping a neutral and calming demeanour.


‘The Barcelona is such an open space’ said Mitra. ‘I wanted to reflect the feel of the country around it, which is serene, a bit arid and very tactile and organic which lends itself to country style.’

‘Therefore, I’ve gone with very neutral colours and natural timbers with the softness of knots and lines.  The calming effect is achieved using soft colours so that there isn’t too much of a contrast in look. We want you to come in and feel very comfortable and let the space speak for itself’ she said.

‘I have given the home a country feeling with the tactile palette and materials, we’ve also chosen raked ceilings and adding furniture with character -  all of which give this Barcelona a completely different look.’


Raked ceilings give you the feeling of space by adding dimension to the height of a room.

‘The raked ceiling in the Barcelona 32 living area adds an element of greatness and brings in a farmhouse element where you would traditionally see raked ceilings, such as ranches and barnyards.’

The kitchen off the living area has kept a dropped ceiling, visually separating it from the main area. Creating two zones separate the practical aspects of the kitchen from the entertainment part of the house.


The profiled kitchen cabinetry provides a Countrified look, while the charcoal grey keeps to the home’s contemporary style.

‘I wanted to keep everything else neutral so used the dark tiles and cabinets to pop against the ‘Cloudburst’ Caesarstone benchtop and neutral palette of furnishings’ said Mitra

Mitra has also used wall hangings as a softer alternative to prints.

‘I’ve found a wall hanging that shows off the high raked ceiling. If you had a print there it would be too daunting. The hanging has presence and height, but it's not overwhelming the room.’


Capturing country style by integrating timber, Mitra has optioned for a wood grain vinyl floor as opposed to contemporary tiles. Wood grain with its knots and lines has natural character, synonymous with country homes and furniture.

‘The wooden furniture is sophisticated, yet has a slightly rustic appeal. The parquetry table and furniture have great presence and character - it certainly does not sit in the background as it is contrasting beautiful texture’ she said.


‘Country is a timeless look’ added Mitra. ‘It does not date. Traditional country looks will be here forever because it’s not a trend or fashion - it’s a lifestyle.’

As an affordable home design, this is the first time a Barcelona display has included a nursery that keeps with the same palette in the main areas. ‘Younger families can certainly afford the Barcelona and are able to purchase it if they choose.

The Barcelona 32 is the first to feature hybrid vinyl flooring, which is become an increasingly popular product that has many practical benefits including lowered acoustic levels.

‘The manufacturing of vinyl has been perfected in recent times and the beauty of it is that is can be wet mopped - also, if you didn’t know it was vinyl, there's no way you would guess that it was!’ 


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