One of the smaller homes that Boutique Homes offer, the Seville 25 home design meets the demand for compact lot sizes.

The Seville 25 allows a small and trendy, yet upmarket home to be built on smaller lots without compromising any of the areas and zones that are typically ascribed to a larger floor plan.

The Seville 25 display home at Aurora Estate in Wollert maintains the Boutique contemporary profile, the internal and external is kept modern with the use of clean architectural lines and interior selections that enhance the home’s openness.

To keep in-theme with the home design, Senior Interior Designer Mitra Whittle styled the home to match the contemporary profile.

The wooden furniture is very streamline contemporary in black and dark wood, which stands out against the lighter coloured floor tiles in the kitchen and living areas.

‘I wanted it to feel very welcoming,’ Mitra said.

‘I‘ve put wall to wall curtains and a lot of tactile textures in the home to contrast the hint of industrial made way by the use of black glass, but the styling is still very tactile - it has quite a bit of foliation, which gives on overall relaxed feel.’

As you walk into the Seville 25, the front lounge is the perfect place to greet your visitors and entertain.

‘I’ve treated the front living room as a formal area – I’ve intentionally refrained from putting a TV in there because it’s where you socialise or relax and not have any other interruptions’ she said.

The family room is one of the larger spaces in the home featuring a few casual chairs adjacent to a modular sofa facing a wall-mounted television.

The family room also overlooks an outdoor living area.

‘I’ve put in a low seating area in the alfresco, but you could easily put an outdoor dining setting there to accompany a barbeque’ she said.

The pantry contains a lot of open shelving, practical for the location given direct access from the garage.

Having access from the garage through the pantry avoids people treading through the house, and allowing put groceries away then and there.

The smoke mirror in the hallway provides an understated look and is a nice addition because it throws a lot of light into the rooms and elongates the depth of the walkway. 

‘You can see yourself before you exit the house which serves as a functional aspect’ she said.

The interior colour theme is also very much in-keeping with the contemporary look.

Using mid to deep tone furniture and feature walls for a bold look, Mitra has simultaneously softened the feel with muted tones of pink.

‘I wanted a colour that lifted the house, there are many options which do this, but I came across this amazing Millennial pink lounge suite from Freedom 6 months prior to the house setting up.’

‘A lot of the time inspiration can come from various sources that are very much available to all around us. Sometimes we just need to open up our eyes and look around – sometimes we don’t need to re-invent the wheel so to speak’ she said.


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