When do I start the demolition process?
Your Prestart Consultant will notify you when to commence the demolition process.
What can I expect from a demolition contractor?
  • Experienced contractors should be able to offer a complete demolition service including:
  • Abolishment of services
  • Remove asbestos and provide a hygiene certificate
  • Remove all debris and clear your block
How do I know what needs to be demolished?
We will provide a demolition plan in your Contract, you should use this when seeking quotes.
Do I need to arrange temporary fencing?
Yes, this will need to be installed prior to demolition and removed before we commence construction.
Do I need a new underground power pit?
Yes, underground power pits are required to be installed for the connection of power to your new home.
How do I arrange an underground power pit?
A new underground power pit is applied for to your electricity provider. If you are unsure which provider operates in your area please feel free to contact your Prestart Consultant.
When should I apply for a new underground power pit?
A new underground power pit can take approximately three months from the time of application, therefore we recommend that you start the process as soon as you have signed your Contract.
How many underground power pits do I need?
You only need one underground power pit, which will be located on either side of your front title boundary.
How many phases does my power supply need to be?
A standard power supply is single phase, however if you are installing a pool, spa or refrigerated cooling a three phase power supply may be required. It’s best to check these requirements with your Prestart Consultant.
Do I need new fences?
If your existing fences are less than 1.8m high, you will need to install fence extensions or a new fence. The extent of any fencing requirements will be shown on your contract plans.
Do I need a report and consent?
A report and consent is required for varying reasons and each home is different. We will assess your new home to determine if a report and consent is required and engage our expert consultant to manage the approval process through Council. Where possible we will site your new home to remove the requirement for a report and consent.
How long does a report and consent take?
The timing will vary depending on the exemption being applied for and whether or not we need your neighbours consent to the application. Once the application is made it generally takes 8-10 weeks.
Do I need town planning?
Similar to a report and consent we will assess the planning controls of your property and site your new home with the aim of not entering into town planning. In some cases town planning cannot be avoided, in these cases we will engage our expert consultant to manage the town planning process.
How long does town planning take?
The timeframe to obtain a planning permit can vary considerably, depending on the reason for applying. If your new home needs to go through the town planning process we will work with our expert consultant to advise you accordingly.
What happens once a planning permit is issued? 
Once a town planning permit has been issued it means that the council has approved the application. It is likely that extra requirements will be imposed on your design (ie. Landscape or drainage designs) the delivery of these designs will be managed with the help of our expert consultants
Have you spoken to anyone about financing your new home?
If yes, please provide your New Homes Consultant with a copy of the pre approval.
If not, our in house finance experts at Resolve Finance will gladly provide you with some advice and assist in finding you the best home loan to suit your needs.
What if my pre approval expires before I receive my contract?
The validity of mortgage pre approval letters can vary between different lenders. Generally a pre approval is valid up to 90 days. If your pre approval has expired, your lender may request an extension assuming your financial situation hasn’t changed during the validity period.
Can I demolish before my finance is formally approved?
No, we strongly recommend having your formal finance in place prior to arranging the demolition of your existing property to ensure your lender will provide a sufficient amount to cover the cost of the new build.
When can I arrange a valuation on my existing property that will be demolished?
You may arrange your valuation once you have received a copy of your HIA building contract including your contract plans and Boutique premium inclusions.
What do the valuers take into consideration when completing a valuation?
  • Valuers will generally take the below points into consideration before providing the final valuation report:
  • Architectural style of the home
  • Land size / layout of the block
  • Location in relation to schools, public transport, shops and amenities
  • Number of rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the kitchen
  • Size and layout of the floorplan
  • Standard inclusions of the home e.g. flooring
  • Recent comparable sales
When will I receive my fixed price building contract?
We will be able to prepare your HIA building contract once we have received all of the preliminary site information as this will allow us to prepare your contract plans as well as provide you with an accurate site cost amount. Please allow 12 weeks from signing your Preliminary Works Contract to obtain all preliminary information.
What is a provisional sum and will this affect my finance?
A provisional sum is an amount of money included in the contract sum to cover work or materials, the extent of which cannot be specifically detailed when entering the contract. A provisional sum may be credited back if it is not required via a post contract variation, after the contract has been signed.
This amount may or may not affect your finance depending on your budget as it will be factored into the final contract amount.
How long will I have to move out for?
From the time you vacate your existing home, the pre-construction and demolition process generally takes about 38 weeks for completion. You will need to plan for temporary living arrangements from this period, right through until the time it takes to build and complete your new home.
What are the advantages of going through a company like Boutique Homes?
Our experienced team specialises building in inner urban and established suburbs around Melbourne. Our experience in dealing with local councils ensures a smooth process.
Building a new Boutique home gives you the benefits of a beautiful design and quality finishes.

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