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The journey of building your new home is an exciting one, which is why we’ve created this quick guide to help you understand the process and plan for what’s ahead. Before we can start construction on your new home, there is a prestart process which our team will work through closely with you to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Stage 1 - Assess your site and choose your home

1.1 Initial property assessment
Our specialist team will assess your property
to understand the constraints of the local planning scheme and the impact of your neighbouring properties.

1.2 Finance assessment
Your New Homes Consultant can put you in touch with a Resolve Finance Consultant to assist in determining your budget and obtaining the best loan if required.

1.3 New home selection
From what we have identified in the initial property assessment and based on your budget, your
New Homes Consultant will assist you to choose your new home from our suite of designs and personalise your chosen home using our menu of design and facade options.

1.4 New home property assessment
Once you have chosen your new home and design options, our specialist team will review the siting and assess its compliance against ResCode and the local Council planning scheme.

1.5 Preliminary Works Contract
Your New Homes Consultant will walk you through the next steps of the new home process, review the selections you have made and explain the extent of any approvals that are required. It is then time to sign your Preliminary Works Contract (PWC) and pay the initial deposit. At this point there are no further structural changes permitted.

1.6 Prepare for your colour selections
You will receive a Palette Selection File after signing the PWC. This contains essential information, product options and images to help you prepare for choosing your colours and specifications at
your colour selection appointment in our Palette Showroom. We also recommend visiting our display homes to get some colour inspiration.

Stage 2 - Preparation of your HIA contract

We will obtain all relevant preliminary reports such as a feature survey, soil test and engineering design to allow us to prepare your contract plans and confirm your site costs before you sign your HIA contract.
Within a few weeks of signing your PWC, we will make contact to arrange appointments for you to sign your New Home Contract, make your colour selections and determine your electrical requirements.
We will obtain relevant reports in order to provide you with a fully prepared HIA contract. These preliminary reports include; soil testing, a survey of your land, engineering designs and a hydraulics report. These reports allow us to ascertain an earthworks quote, complete your contract plans and contract quotation.

Stage 3 - Signing your New Home Contract and colour selections

Day 1: You will sign your Contract (1.5 hours) and meet with our in-house experts to determine your specific electrical requirements (2 hours).
Day 2: Meet with your specialised colour consultant to select all your fixtures and fittings at your colour selection meeting.
All appointments will be held during business hours from Monday to Friday. No further variations will be accepted after completing the colour section appointment.
Payment of the balance of 5% deposit is due within five business days of the contract signing.

Stage 4 - Council approvals

If your new home requires a report and consent or town planning, our specialist team will prepare the necessary plans and provide them to our consultants to lodge and manage through Council. Updates on the progress will be provided during this process by your Prestart Consultant.
Depending on the complexity of the application and the local council approval time frames this process can take 3-12 months to obtain approval.

Stage 5 - Demolition

On confirmation that your old home is vacant we will commence the service abolishment process and request a demolition permit. Once these are complete we will demolish your old home have a new power pit installed and cap off the existing sewer point.

Stage 6 - Siting Plans

Once your lot is clear, we will arrange for the final soil test and survey to be carried out and complete your siting drawings.
Now is the time to finalise your finance approval as construction is due to commence in the coming months.

Stage 7 - Final Engineering

Once the engineering and energy ratings are complete, we will prepare your final construction plans.

Stage 8 - Building permit and ordering materials

With all of the hard work behind us, the building permit will be obtained and materials ordered ready for construction of your new home to commence.
You will also have an opportunity to complete a final review to approve your final plans as well as your colour selection documents before construction commences.

Stage 9 - Construction

Your Client Liaison Coordinator will contact you when it’s time to start construction and regularly update you.
A Site Manager will manage all trades and suppliers to ensure construction is completed to our quality standards. Due to OH&S requirements you will need to arrange any site visits through your Client Liaison Coordinator.
Once your new home is complete it will be presented to you by your Site Manager.
When we have received the final payment, you will receive your keys, this occurs at our head office during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Boutique Assist

You will now receive Boutique Assist, our industry leading aftercare program which includes a 25 year structural guarantee and 12 month service warranty.

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