When you're building your new dream home, you'll need an experienced conveyancer or lawyer to handle the land settlement for you. Our in-house experts, Resolve Conveyancing can take care of it all for you, so you can focus on the exciting stuff!

As a law firm, Resolve Conveyancing will also give you that extra layer of comfort that a standard conveyancer can't. So you get the added security that a legal practitioner provides if any issues arise. 

Why use Resolve Conveyancing for your settlement?

  • As conveyancing specialists, they know exactly what's needed, by who and when, to keep things moving for you
  • They work in the Boutique office to ensure your land settlement goes smoothly
  • They are part of the ABN Group, so you know you're getting high quality service
  • Resolve Conveyancing provides competitive rates on all your settlement services
  • You'll access a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you into your new home as efficiently as possible.

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Contact a New Homes Consultant today on 9008 7475 or send us your details and we will get in touch.

Alternatively, contact Resolve Conveyancing directly on 9674 4530.

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