Have you bought land and are starting to think about the perfect home while waiting for your land to title?

Don't wait to secure your new home, and a price that fits your budget.

Find 'The One' and peace of mind, with an upfront price for your new Boutique home - fixed for 15 months to title.

If you choose to wait until closer to your land title date, you risk a higher home price, as costs continue to increase from trades and suppliers.

Also, keep in mind, you will have to spend time in pre-construction while we get developer approval and permits for your home. We are sure you'd rather spend this time actually building your new home so you can move in faster!

Choose to build with Boutique and we will provide you with an upfront price, including:

  • Your new Boutique home including your chosen facade and any floorplan design options
  • We commit to providing upfront fixed site costs for all blocks with available engineering plans*
  • 6 star energy rating
  • Developer guidelines and Council costs
  • Any upgrades you choose within the home
  • An allowance for additional colour and electrical selections, if desired.

We will do all the background work, so once your land is titled, you're ready to start building!

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*We commit to providing upfront fixed site costs for all blocks with available engineering plans. For blocks without available engineering, including knockdown rebuild projects, a site cost allowance will be provided with fixed site costs at HIA Contract signing. Pricing based on the estimated title date and fixed for up to 15 months from the date of the Preliminary Works Contract (PWC) and payment of initial deposit. 

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