Like many future home-builders, Luisa’s journey begun by scouring the many display homes of Melbourne’s outer suburbs. After coming across a Boutique display featuring the Provincial façade, it was love at first sight.

‘It took our breath away. Your first impression is a lasting one and this is how we began our journey with Boutique Homes,’ says Luisa.

Having found her dream façade, Luisa went in search of the perfect floor plan to match.

‘I started to do some research online and eventually found an Oslo 29 display home. After visiting the Oslo, we knew we had found ‘The One’,’ she says. 

What to expect from the build journey

For Luisa, the build journey was initially met with apprehension. With her son halfway through building his own home through another builder and already experiencing obstacles along the way, she knew how important the decision is to appoint a builder.

Luckily, Luisa found - and describes - her experience with Boutique as one of complete support. She picked the statement inclusions that suited the pair’s lifestyle and needs for space, while also bringing her own personality to her surroundings through her design and aesthetic choices.

‘Our New Homes Consultant was extremely helpful with no question too hard to answer,’ she says.

‘The fact we could go through the colour showroom and inclusions process before making a deposit really appealed to us,’ she adds.

‘The whole journey with Boutique was really pleasant and positive.’

Shortly after seeing the successful service Luisa was experiencing, her son took a leaf out of her book and moved his contracts over to Boutique Homes.

Home design advice

Luisa describes her home’s style as contemporary, bolstered by special family heirloom pieces.

Her advice for those setting out to design their very own oasis? Remember why you started.

‘One of the best pieces of advice our New Homes Consultant gave us was: ‘don’t change too much – remember why and what you fell in love with in the first place’.

And now I’m so happy to have our very own Oslo!’ says Luisa.

‘At the end of our build, we were handed over a beautiful home that we love. We are living the dream thanks to Boutique and for that, we will be forever grateful.’


Learn more about the Oslo home design here.

See more of Luisa's build journey on Instagram @luisarinaldi61.


Have you found ‘The One’?

Photos by @hausofcruze