With a never-ending stream of #designinspo online, Boutique’s Senior Interior Designer, Mitra Whittle, has uncovered the top design trends you will be seeing throughout the year.


"Copper has been hugely popular for the past few years but it has gradually been replaced with Brass and Gold" Mitra said. "Keep an eye out however as Silver and Chrome will astart way back into our homes." Mitra's top tip? "Don’t feel like you can’t mix metals! Try kitchen cabinet handles in Brass matched with Chrome tapwear and appliances." Mitra suggests enhancing your metallic features by sitting them alongside vivid vibrant colours such as Emerald, Royal Blue, Navy or a Rich Burgandy. 


Pictured: Ascot 36 at Cloverton, Kalkallo


"Millennial Pink continues to be the colour of the moment" Mitra says. "The spectrum of this colour covers a vast range from Nude/Natural tones to Blush Pinks or as I call it ‘Masculine Pink’ which has hues of Greys in it and is acceptable in a more masculine interior." Mitra suggests using this colour to enhance contrasting cooler tones such as Greys, Black, Teal or Greens. 


Pictured: Seville 26 at Aurora, Wollert

Earth, Fire & Water 

With relentless demands on our lives, more than ever we seek peace and calm from our home environment. To achieve this, Mitra suggests reconnecting your interior space with nature. "Opt for organic tones of Green versus Emerald Green and Soft Tans as opposed to Terracotta and Oranges" Mitra said, "Grey, Blue and Muted Teals offer a soothing colour palette to achieve a sense of calm."


Pictured: Barcelona 28 at True North, Roxburgh Park


Plants are continuing to trend big in 2018! Regardless of what decorating concept your home is, a touch of nature will instantly enhance your style. "Incorporating a leafy element not only adds vibrancy and fun to any room, it also creates a calming atmosphere" Mitra said. "The presence of plants not only improves air quality, but it also has a huge calming effect on the mood of the residents". Mitra suggests incorporating plants with handing baskets, vertical gardens or as pots grouped on shelves along with other decorative elements. 


Pictured: Ascot 36 at Arcadia, Officer

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