Introducing the Cape, the latest offering in Boutique’s Hamptons-style range of facades. 

Featuring flat board cladding, vertical window frames and a gable roof, the Cape perfectly combines modern design elements with traditional Hamptons styling. 

“The Cape is a contemporary interpretation of the Hamptons-style”, said Senior Designer Rob Nguyen, “it’s the perfect façade for customers who are drawn to the Hamptons look, but are open to a more modern version of it”. 

A reinterpretation of the highly popular Southampton façade, Rob’s favourite aspect of the Cape lies in its simplicity. “The Cape is a simple façade but still has an architectural look and feel; it’s a widely appealing façade”. 

The Cape is also a cost effective option for customers. “The simplified details make the Cape façade more affordable than traditional Hamptons-style facades, whilst still giving customers the much sought after ‘Hamptons look’” Rob said.

The Cape is now available on a range of different house designs and sizes.

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