Introducing two brand new double storey facades.

Boutique Homes new facade double storey homes, the cove and the como facade

A coastal façade that draws inspiration from the double-storey Hamptons façade, the Cove combines similar materials and elements with simple proportions.

Linea weatherboards mixed with rendered brickwork create a contemporary look that is estate guideline friendly. Containing no traditional materials, estate developers will take kindly to this façade as an alternative to Hamptons, while still allowing customers to take advantage of a coastal feel.

‘By eliminating window mouldings, we were able to create clean lines for effective simplicity that is estate developer-friendly’ said Senior Designer Rob Nguyen.

‘The Cove maintains the coastal-style Dutch gable, a contrasting sill to ground floor window for balance and weight, and Linea weatherboards’ he said.

With rendered brickwork to ground floor, the Cove presents two façade materials that will satisfy almost all estate guidelines and contains no traditional elements that stricter guidelines might not allow.

Combining Hamptons-style elements and materials with clean lines, the Cove is a characterful façade that demands street presence - whilst still being cost effective at a starting price of $2,590.

In contrast to the Cove, the Como façade boasts a simple and contemporary urban design.

Boutique Homes new facade double storey homes, the cove and the como facade

Featuring Axon 400 vertical cladding to first floor, the Como is the first of its kind to offer this kind of cladding from the Boutique range of homes.

Rob Nguyen says this cladding can be painted in dark, bold colours that simply could not be painted using render, so this facade is a great option for those who are drawn toward darker facades.

The rendered brickwork to ground floor also satisfies estate guidelines requiring two materials with no traditional elements.

The Como facade is a celebration of simple proportions, combined with a modern cladding material to create a façade that is both contemporary, urban, and cost effective as a no-cost facade option for double storey homes.

The Cove and Como are available on all double storey homes, excluding the M10 range, and fits lot widths of 12.5m, 14m and 16m.


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