From beginner home stylists to the most seasoned and decorated interior designers alike, mood boards are a tool widely used to help the creative process of home styling.

Mood boards are the best way for home-styling ideas to manifest and be brought to life …no matter how 2-dimenstional or small in size.

As a process, mood boards allow you to materialise ideas in-mind and watching them translate right in front of you, proving to be considerably practical.

Most enjoyable of all, you get to play with it and have fun! Now is the time to trial and experiment with your interiors before you make the big-ticket decision of home design.

There is no one way to approach a mood board, whether it’s hand-drawn pictures, collages,  flat lay photography, corkboards or a Pinterest account, having a central idea hub allows the homeowner to experience firsthand the feelings of their soon-to-be surrounds.

Mood boards are also useful in that that you’ll quickly get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like as you assemble your ideas and tastes on your mood board, saving you time in the long run.

While home design often stems from one idea, product, colour or concept, mood boards allow you to start with either one aspect or a theme in its entirety, and allowing you to put your look together whether by induction or deduction.

Trial and error can be your biggest asset when it comes to assembling your mood board.

It’s also helpful to make use of material samples and swatches to get a feel for the various textures in your home.

Being specific will also assist you in achieving certain looks by adding in pictures of intended installation artwork or plant life to see how they resonate with the overall feel you want to achieve in your own home.


                               mood board, boutique homes, #designinspo

                               mood board, boutique homes, #designinspo

                               mood board, boutique homes, #designinspo

Boutique Homes customers using mood boards to assist with their colour selections.  

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