Taking inspiration from around the globe, Senior Interior Designer, Mitra Whittle has created an exotic South African Resort theme for the Riviera 32 at Kaduna Park. 

Inspired by South African lodge, you will be welcomed by exotic textures, jungle prints and vibrant moss green and natural earth tones.

'Nature provides endless inspiration for interior designers’ said Mitra. ‘Its colours, textures and patterns welcome serenity and creates beauty inside of the home.’

I have opted for a combination of terrain-themed prints, contrasted vibrant tones and natural texture used to help create this interior scheme’ Mitra continued. 


Mixed natural material and fabrics can be seen throughout the home such as basket-weave, timber and lots of thick-weave, durable upholstery in neutral tones. 

‘Natural mixed materials add an earthy feel to the home and help to achieve an overall organic look’ she said.

Moss green is the hero colour of the theme, adorned on feature panelling in the home office and theatre room, paying homage to the lush coastline of South Africa - and adding black accents for a touch of luxury and a contemporary feel to the home. 

‘Heavy and dark furniture accents make a great foundation for incorporating more vibrant tones and serves as a great visual contrast’ Mitra said.


‘But not too much black - you don’t want to take away from the dominant theme and overpower your bold feature colour.’

Mitra also recommends the use of prints to complete any interior theme. A lot can be achieved with prints and really provides the finishing touch, pulling the final look together. 

'Wildlife and tribal-themed prints and artwork added a real depth and character to this home.’

'I have used lots of foliage and African landscape themed prints in this home as well as florals, but a fresh take on florals' she said. 


For those who don’t like to add much colour into their home, optioning for subdued or monochrome colours with African style prints can be just as effective. 

‘Adding finishings such as fabrics or tiles in animal or tribal prints in shades of beige, cream, black and brown are a good subtle alternative.'

Available with a range of design options and facades, click here to find out more about the Riviera home design. 


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