Introducing the Newtown façade, a new design for double storey homes. 

Balancing the new and the old, the Newtown façade combines traditional proportions with a contemporary finish.

Senior designer Rob Nguyen said 'as a simplified and modern version of the Manor façade, the Newtown will appeal to those who are drawn towards the Manor façade, but whose estate guidelines don't allow for architectural elements like mouldings and external decorative cornices.'

                                 Boutique Homes, Newtown facade, Airlie home design

                                 Boutique Homes, Manor facade, kalkallo, cloverton estate

'The Newtown façade is more modern and has none of these elements, and will appeal to stricter estates. Plus, the use of three different building materials will also help satisfy guidelines that require a minimum of three different external finishes' he said. 

The symmetrical portrait windows are a nod to the Georgian-inspired Manor façade and solid brick piers give a stately presence to the home, whilst the painted timber boards and modern colour scheme offers a fresh look on the familiar form.

Robert says the Newtown 'will appeal to customers who are looking for a façade that is not too traditional, but also not too contemporary.'

The Newtown façade is offered on all our double storey homes, excluding the M10 range.

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