traditional style homes melbourne

Traditional English homes from the Georgian era feature mirrored proportions and

classical detail. 

Externally, facades keep traditional elements such as parapet windows, brickwork

and mouldings for a slight elegant touch. 

traditional style homes melbourne

The interiors are also kept symmetrical with internal mouldings and maintain an angular

feel by using cornices, mouldings or panelling. It shouldn’t be over-ornate, it must have

an element of ‘breaking the space’ but not overly done.

traditional style homes melbourne

Balanced and solid, Georgian style homes feature upholstered furniture in luxurious textures

to further add to the symmetry. Consider velvet and thick-weave fabrics with a geometric pattern for rich texture.

traditional style homes melbourne

High ceilings align with subtle statements of grandeur and open plan living celebrates the

forward social culture of the time. 


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