Quality and service

Purchasing a new home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. We understand this and are committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

Our commitments don’t end when construction wraps. We'll also help you settle in. Through our industry-leading aftercare program, Boutique Assist, we offer a 12 month service warranty during your first year in your new home to make sure everything is as it should be.

We stand by the quality of the materials, fixtures and tradespeople we use and back every Boutique home with a 25 year structural guarantee.

Our reputation is built on quality. We ensure all our new homes are built to a high quality by focussing on four essential elements:

  • Quality material selection
  • Reliable and diligent tradespeople
  • Quality building supervision
  • A combination of in-house and independent quality control inspections

Visit a Boutique display home to experience this quality first hand.

Engineered for every season, guaranteed for 25 years

We stand by the quality of the materials, fixtures and tradespeople we use and back every Boutique home with a 25-year structural guarantee, so you can be sure that your new home is built to last.


We use above-industry standard Machine-graded pine (MGP-10) timber frames on every home, assuring the strength of your walls and roof.

Machine-graded pine requires machine-stress testing a machine measures the stiffness and strength of timber to assign a stress grade on the basis of structural properties. 

MGP grades can only be given to Australian pine that has been machine graded, as opposed to visual grading methods, which are often found with industry-standard and widely use F graded timbers.

As an engineered product, you can rest assured that the quality and performance of your home's structure is above Australian home building requirements and will stand up to the elements well before it's ever put to the test.

We use minimum 90mm stabilised MGP10 or above to reduce frame movement and ensure straighter walls. MGP10 roof trusses also meet safety standards for special requirements including harsh climate conditions or heavy roof-mounted hot water services.

Our commitment to you



All our houses are built to the highest quality by focusing on the selection of superior materials, use of quality tradespeople, thorough supervision and quality control inspections.

25 years

Structural Guarantee

A 25-year structural guarantee provides peace of mind in the quality of materials, fixtures and tradespeople used to build your new home.

12 months


An industry leading aftercare program, every customer is provided with a 12-month maintenance warranty during the first year in your new home.