Knockdown rebuild customers, Emma and her husband Brenden, lived in the Melbourne Bayside suburb of Parkdale, and knew that’s exactly where they wanted to stay.
Together with their two daughters, Lily, 7, and Ella, 6, after first searching for an established home to buy, they quickly learned how costly it was to buy in their vicinity and, despite their search, no home they had seen was perfect for their family.
Deciding a knockdown rebuild project was the right option for them, the family remain living in their favoured suburb, with the bonus of also living in the home of their dreams - a Montpellier 39.

‘We went into the project with an open mind’ said Brenden.

‘Even though we knew someone who built with Boutique and someone else who worked for Boutique, we were still open-minded as we hadn’t decided on anything yet. After looking through at all the other builders and then Boutique’s Grange in Keysborough, I felt that Boutique was the one for us’ he said.
‘No doubt Boutique has more standard inclusions. I’m not a builder by trade, I’m not good with my hands, but I was looking at what you get for your buck and it was an easy decision’ he said.

Building new in an established area, the couple decided on the Hamptons façade to suit their local streetscape, much to their neighbour’s delight.

'The One'
‘Being in Parkdale we felt like we had to sort of stay with the beach area, ensuring that the weatherboards, the colours that we picked, all fit our suburb.

Neighbours have since said thank you for keeping in with the character of the neighbourhood, worried it was going to be a concrete jungle. But we’ve always loved the Hamptons style’ Emma said.
From receiving initial advice that they instead should have renovated their California bungalow-style home they demolished, the family’s new Boutique home has made a positive impression.

'The One'
‘You should have seen the state the home we bought was in! It was quite dangerous really for the kids because you couldn’t walk through the front door without falling through the deck and the whole house was on an angle.’
‘But now one of our neighbours is going to build with Boutique and build the Hamptons facade, just like us!’ the couple said.

Documenting their project online, Emma started an Instagram account for their knockdown rebuild experience to help others who also wanted to build with Boutique

‘I didn’t follow anyone or was guided by anyone when we started to build, so to help anyone and to give an insight is fun’ she said.
Emma and Brenden would encourage others to knockdown and rebuild.
‘It’s the best thing!’ Emma said.

‘You have a brand new house, there is no renovating, it’s all new and amazing, I’m so glad we did a knockdown because there is no way we would’ve been able to afford an established house like this in the area.’

'The One'
‘The fact that you can live where you’ve always lived and want to live without relocating is a big gift. It’s been a really good experience and I love being here, I love being home.’
Brenden added, there are significant costs to be saved by knocking down and rebuilding such as stamp duty and it was great that Boutique assisted every step of the way with all the council information, permits and demolition.
‘We didn’t have to lift a finger!’

'The One'

To see more of Emma and Brenden’s home, follow them on Instagram @boutiquemontpellier39_bayside

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